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Discover the root cause of your nagging low back pain, what's triggering piriformis syndrome, and how to reach long lasting relief.



Challenge Intro

  • The power of your mindset to alter your results, and accelerate healing.
  • How to properly set health goals you can "actually" achieve.
  • The sweet spot technique that helped me attain my goal of being pain-free (and how it can help you too).

Day1: Investigating the Pain

In this coaching session, we will learn how to pinpoint the daily "unconscious" habits that trigger the pain and spasms, and ELIMINATE them.

Day 2: Fight inflammation with food

Create a SIMPLE eating lifestyle that helps you fight inflammation, and reduce joint pain.

Day3: Conquer the fear of movement

Break through exercise-phobia, conquer the fear of movement, and safely get back into shape.

Day 4: The ONE thing

Find out what is helping you improve, and eliminate the rest.  Figuring out that ONE thing will save you money, and years of trial and error.

Day5: Create your daily healing routine

In this session, we are going to put it all together, and create a 5-10 minute daily routine that will help you take control of the pain, and maintain that state for life.
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