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Best Low-Impact Core Sliders Exercises | 14 KILLER exercises

core slider exercises | low impact slider exercises

So years ago I used to really go crazy on high impact cardio exercises. I loved ending my workouts with things like jumping lunges, jumping squats (weighted), and other plyometrics. I loved the burn, and how much calories I burned in those sessions, yet at the same time, I never felt 100% afterward. It was back at times when my back pain was the worst, and my joints really couldn’t take the load anymore.


I am unsure if I ever expressed my opinion on steady state cardio, but I CANNOT stand it. I have absolutely no patience walking on a treadmill for 40 minutes to burn 300 calories.  So while I stopped doing any form of cardio, I still maintained my strengthening routines.  Surprisingly, I never have joint pain from lifting weights. Strengthening exercises are amazing for you, whether you choose to do them with your own bodyweight, or with weights.

PS: Check out the Back Pain Bootcamp if you’re looking for a strengthening program specific to back pain.

So last year I decided to give sliders a go! I really was “craving” a good high-intensity cardio sessions, and I realized I could substitute many of my old plyometric exercises with sliders.


I know that so many members of my community can relate to my experience with high impact cardio exercises, so I decided to share with you some of my favorite core sliders exercises that will seriously make you WORK.


While these are substitutes for high impact movement, they are not easy. These are very challenging exercises, that will make your core work like crazy.  So if you are looking to get a good sweat, and you already have a relatively strong core (you can perform the plank with good form, for at least 30 seconds), give these exercises a try.


I want to give a little disclaimer here: please make sure you have spent some time strengthening your core before attempting these exercises. The plank principles apply to each one of these exercises, and I have a great post here on how to properly do the plank.

I am using the SKLZ Slidez sliders in this workout.

Best Low-Impact Core Sliders Exercises

Sliders Exercises Breakdown

Backward lunges – stationary

Alternating backward lunges

Plank Slide ins

Mountain climbers

Plank knee to elbow

Sliding leg crossovers

Sliding frogs

Spiderman pushups

Plank in and outs (beginner and advanced versions)

Plank to pike

One leg bridge slide

Plank reach (beginner version)

Side Lunge

If you don’t have sliders, you can totally do this with a towel, or by using a CD case. I heard they work just as well 🙂

I hope you give this workout a try and let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to post more workouts like these!

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14 Slider exercises that are low impact, and will challenge your core like crazy. These exercises will help you get a good sweat while going easy on your joints. So if you are having hip pain, low back pain, piriformis syndrome or simply can't do a lot of jumping, give these exercises a try.
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