The Lifestyle Detox Challenge has ended! Please Check out The 5-Day Back Pain Challenge, and the back pain free resources page

Introducing the Lifestyle Detox Challenge.

If you feel like you need to hit the "reset" button from your sedentary lifestyle.

Most of us spend our days sitting in our desks, eating on-the-go food, and spending our free time on social media or again, sitting watching TV.   If you are experiencing low energy, chronic pain and mood swings, you know something has to change.



My name is Sofia, and I am a certified strength and fat loss coach. Fitness is my passion and I absolutely love helping busy people who are suffering from chronic back pain and sedentary lifestyle syndrome get back to feeling healthy and assisting them in becoming pain free.

I created this challenge because it is time to stop letting outside stimuli determine the way your look and feel.  Take control of your nutrition, create a workout program that fits your need and most importantly STICK to those new healthy habits.

Your biggest frustration right now is probably not being consistent and lack of time. The Mindset part of this challenge will help you break free from time limitations, through an amazing process I personally go through every week.

I can't wait to have you on board!