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A complete done-for-you  program, designed for the busy person, that takes all the hard work out of healthy eating, meal planning and weight loss.

If you've tried following a diet before, than maybe you can resonate with some of the following:

  • You feel overwhelmed by having to count calories and think about what to eat 5 times a day.
  • You're stressed out about your social life and if you need to make different meals for everybody at home.
  • You experience energy drops throughout the day making you need that coffee and donut boost. You feel disappointed and guilty everytime that happens.
  • Mood swings and feeling frustrated and ready to quit

I am confident the Love Food Program will take you from overwhelmed and unsure what to eat, to this:

    • You can finally get up in the morning and not feel rushed. You can make a delicious breakfast under 15 minutes, and feel energised to start your day.
    • You save hours/week grocery shopping using the done-for-you shopping lists and save a lot of money as a result.
    • You understand EXACTLY what foods you should be eating that will support your weight loss journey, and also what to eat on the go, at a restaurant, or at a party.
    • No more mid-day energy crashes. You have lists of AM and PM snacks that give you enough energy to finish your day until your next meal.
    • You can finally join that gym class, as you consume whole foods that reduce inflammation. This will help with chronic pain and digestive problems.

    Let me make your life easier by helping you stick to a weight loss plan, that will fit into your busy schedule

    Here is what the program is about

    21 day meal plan

    Vegetarian and non-vegetarian

    • Save time with super fast meals you can make under 15 minutes. You can cook all your weekly meals under an hour and save the leftovers.
    • Get rid of mid-afternoon energy drops with super delicious snacks included in the meal plans.
    • Feel organised and in control of your day as you you don't have to stress about what to make for dinner.

    Super Fast Recipes E-book

    Vegetarian and non-vegetarian

    • Shows you how to make the main recipes in the meal plan.
    • No more going back and forth between the computer and the kitchen to find recipes online. You have them all in the e-book.
    • Gives you a summary of nutritional information for your convenience.

    Food Swap List

    • You can eat anything you want by simply using the food swap list. You don't like fish? no problem.
    • Feel in control of your meals. You and your family will have a variety of foods to eat by simply using this food swap list.
    • You will feel more empowered to have more choices in your life. You won't have to stick to the same meals in the meal plan.

    Weekly Grocery Lists

    Vegetarian and non-vegetarian

    • Done for you (and super organised) grocery lists. Drive straight from work to the grocery store and get everything you want at once.
    • You will save money and time knowing exactly what you need to get. No more food going to waste.
    • Remember how many times you think you got everything at the grocery store, only to find out you forgot few other items? those days are over.

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    WAIT! Check out the bonuses you will also get!

    Bonus Super Fast Recipes E-book

    ($57 value)

    • Delicious, super fast recipes that you can fit into your busy lifestyle.
    • Recipes that you and your family can enjoy.  You will never have to cook twice.
    • Extra recipes on days when you don't feel like following the meal plan. Pick anything from here guilt-free

    Educational Handouts

    ($97 value)

    • A healthy eating quick start guide: to give you the tools you need to successfully go through this program.
    • A grocery shopping guide: so you can save time, save money and shop efficiently.
    • A kitchen clean out checklist: to help you declutter your kitchen from junk food and only keep the foods that you need.
    • Eating on the go guide: never feel confused at a restaurant again. You will know what to order when you have to eat out, and how to pick snacks on the go.
    • A guide to portion sizes: eating the right portion size will help you reach your ideal weight quicker.
    • A guide to Macros: let go of confusion next time you read a nutrition label. Learn the macros and how to choose the right macros in your meals.
    • A guide to carbohydrates: identify which carbohydrates are good for you so you can add more of them to your life #lovefood.
    • A guide to sugar craving: get the energy boost without sabotaging your health and feeling disappointed for consuming so much sweets.

    A Food Journal To Track your progress

    ($27 value)

    • Because winners are trackers.

    Only $27

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    What real people say about the program

    Kristi Smith

    In an industry saturated with fitness gurus peddling the latest weight loss gimmicks, Sofia is a welcome breath of fresh air.

    Her approach to weight loss embodies that which is missing from most programs – that is, the embracement of delicious, nutrient-dense foods and disengagement from the self-sabotaging diet mentality. Her strategies are simple yet effective and her recipes amazing, drawing influence from her Moroccan upbringing, where tasty and nutritious are synonymous. If you are ready to transform your relationship with food, say goodbye to diets, and claim (or reclaim) the physique you desire, I strongly urge you to check out the Love food & Lose pounds program!

    Kristi Smith, The Spreadsheet Alchemist
    Laura Imhoff

    As a health care professional, promoting a healthy living and making it easy to understand the benefits while giving you the tools is important.

    Eating food is suppose to be tasty and enjoyed but the proper fuel your body needs while exercise can be easily integrated into your busy schedule.  Very reputable and passionate in her work!

    Laura Imhoff, Laura Imhoff athletic therapy

    I met Sofia at the gym, where we became good friends.

    She taught me how to workout and her nutrition advise always made a huge difference!

    She is a great coach. I would love to have her coach me all the time! I am planning to have more sessions with her in the future. I know that anyone can lose weight and get an athletic body with a great coach like Sofia. Thank you so much Sofia!

    Iris Buenconsejo

    Sof, I want to thank you for the enormous change you’ve brought upon since we met!

    You guys, this woman… in this crazy and confusing world of fitness and nutrition, her extensive knowledge helped me ease into my lifestyle without burning myself out from stress & information overload.

    I used to think that meal planning and batch cooking were only for pros, but since I’ve used Sofia’s meal planner it was easy to see what goes into my week. It’s simplified and customized! No more fast food and junk food defaults! Now, I’m always pumped to see what I can cook and what I can shop for in the grocery. It has eliminated my mindless way of eating & shopping of whatever I can grab onto.

    And I can’t just vouch for that alone. Meal planning is one thing, but exercise and really committing to this lifestyle change are the hardest bits. Those two are vital to seeing the changes you want to see. With Sofia’s one-on-one coaching, her blog and her very helpful Facebook community, I’m able to seek advice, get motivated, connect with other fitness & health enthusiasts and truly understand what it means to be fit – and undeniably without sacrificing my love for food

    Because of her way of teaching, accountability is fun! Having her as my personal fitness and nutrition coach made me really psyched to report back my progress. She’s got this warm and compassionate glow but she’s also straightforward which is the best part. Not only is she amazing at what she does but she’s also an amazing person. You won’t regret training with her.

    Thank you Sof for the opportunity to work with me. I’m so happy I met you! You’ve been a gamechanger in my fitness journey! I’m now down from 125.4 lbs to 121.8 lbs in 26 days, totaling a loss of 3.6 lbs. And I look forward to continuing my overall improvement with your guidance.

    She is a great coach. I would love to have her coach me all the time! I am planning to have more sessions with her in the future. I know that anyone can lose weight and get an athletic body with a great coach like Sofia. Thank you so much Sofia!

    Iris Buenconsejo, irisbuenconsejo

    Only $27

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    HEY! I’m Sofia Habity -  Certified strength & fat loss coach

    I am a food lover, passionate about fitness, books, and travelling. It all began with a call to adventure. I moved from my homeland Morocco to Canada to complete my university studies with nothing but two suit cases and a deep desire to grow and learn.

    My Environmental science degree and work experience as a sustainability analyst helped me understand that food is more than just what is on a nutrition label. After being overweight for years, I successfully transformed my body following the same principles in the Love food program. I still live by its principles each and every day. If you follow my blog, you know I love making yummy recipes simply tweaking the ingredients.  So yes. I do eat pizzas and love chocolate cake 🙂

    I personally cannot wait to help you take the burden of eating healthy off of your shoulders. This program has everything you need to feel in control of your nutrition and finally see the number on the scale go down, and stay down. I can't wait to celebrate your success!

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    This program is for you if:

    • You are a busy person and struggle to eat healthy due to lack of time to plan and prepare your meals.
    • You love to socialise with your friends and family and eating out. You need a system that works for real life.
    • You struggle to get through the day due to lack of energy which affects your productivity at work and at home.
    • You are ready to break free from shakes and lean packaged foods, save money, and learn the keys to long term weight loss.
    • You want to feel organised with all of your meals planned out for you and your whole family. You don’t have time to cook separate meals for you and for your family.

    This program is not for you:

    • If you think that by simply buying this program, the weight is going to come off. You have to commit and implement this program and not let it collect dust in your hard drive.
    • If you are looking for a quick fix or trying to lose a lot of weight in a very short period of time. It won’t happen and it’s unhealthy. Weight loss is a transformation resulting from a lifestyle change.

    Frequently asked questions

    What format is the program content delivered in?

    Good question. Once you checkout, you will get an email where you will be able to access all the content and download all of the PDFs. 

    I tried many other diets before, and nothing worked. What makes this different from other programs?

    Let me start by saying that this program is NOT a diet. The main reason why most people can’t follow a diet, is because we simply can’t sustain it.   We are all unique in the amount of energy we need.  So to assume that you only need 1000 calories is a problem if you have an active busy lifestyle.  Most people also lack nutrition education, so they eat less of the “bad foods” and wonder why they are not making progress.  This program is based on whole food, without restricting you to how much you eat because by simply eating healthier, you will feel more satisfied and energised.

    Will I have to eliminate foods? I am a picky eater

    I am a picky eater as well. That’s why I have the food swap list and the bonus recipe e-book, so that if for some crazy reason you get sick of the meal plan recipes, you have other option. Better yet, make your own mean choosing ingredients from the good swap list.

    Is there a refund policy?

    This program is fully digital. I will give you a refund back if you can't go through the program due to a health related reason. You need to email me within 3 days from the day of purchase. Your success is completely dependent on you following the program.   Please make sure you do WANT this before you purchase.

    What will happen after I finish the 3 weeks meal plans?

    Great question! Because this is not a diet, the point of the meal plans is to give you momentum and help you develop the habit of eating healthy. When the 3 weeks are over, you are more than welcome to repeat them in your own way, play with the recipes you already learned and come up with your own. You will be armed with enough knowledge and momentum to continue eating using the same principles for life. Who wants to stay dependent on a meal plan forever?  

    Do I need to buy shakes, or any additional supplementation required by this program?

    You are not required to buy any crazy fat loss shakes or packages.  In fact, I advise against them –unless your health physician specifies otherwise. The only supplement you are welcome to get is a high quality protein powder to include in your smoothies. If you do not wish to add protein powder, you are welcome not to use it.  It is always great to add some protein powder to smoothies, because it boosts your metabolism and gives your body enough energy that last for hours

    I struggle to make ends meet. Will this course make me spend more on food?

    First of all, I totally get this concern. The initial price for this program was $97, yet I am determined to get it in the hands of any person who needs it. You can pay what you can today and get the full system.

    Let me ask you: how often does the food you buy expire or go bad?  we tend to spend way more than we need to when we grocery shop.  By buying only what you need, you will save money in the long run. You will also get a sense of which foods are better for you. Whole foods also tend to be cheaper than packaged foods, and can all be found at any grocery story. I truly believe that you will save money as you go through this program. 



    Only $27

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