Back Pain Bootcamp ™

What if you knew exactly what exercises and stretches you can do to get relief?

6 years ago, I was diagnosed with piriformis syndrome, a lumbar disc herniation, pelvic inflammation, and ankylosing spondylitis.

I stretched non-stop.

I bought cushions, special chairs, and different gadgets to help me get through the days.

My whole life was about the pain.

 It was exhausting to show a happy face everyday while I was hurting all the time.

I’m sure you can relate to this!

My life was all about looking for the next thing that can help me. The next doctor...The next treatment.

I lived in fear everyday, not knowing if I'll ever recover, and feel 'normal' again.

After I got certified as a strength coach, I spent years researching body physiology and anatomy, and decided to focus all my efforts on building my body back.

The strengthening routines I designed helped me get a few hours of relief every day.

But those few hours quickly turned into a few days, week and months. My body was recovering and healing one routine at a time.

The right strengthening exercises will stabilize your lumbar spine and hips. But it's not just about doing random exercises you find online. It's knowing exactly which ones are right for you, and how to do them properly.



A 6 week step-by-step program to help you reduce lower back pain and piriformis syndrome through effective and safe exercises  (100% home based).

Inside the Back Pain Bootcamp, you'll be able to:

Revive your deepest core muscles (your spine's safety belt)

  • Stabilize your spine by re-awakening your deep core muscles. The deep core is your spine safety belt but most people never tap into its power because of our sedentary lifestyle.
  • You'll have 5-8 minute no-crunch routines you can do at home or even in your office (during your lunch breaks when no one's looking).

Get rid of "dormant-butt syndrome" and activate your powerful glutes

  • Your glutes are designed to be one of the strongest muscles in your body. Strong glutes take the load off your hips and lower back and help you avoid flare-ups.
  • You'll learn how to activate your glutes together with your core so they automatically fire up next time you need to pick something up, open a heavy door or push a cart at the supermarket.

Recover properly to heal and regenerate your muscles and joints

  • Give your joints and tight muscles a breath of fresh air with the postural therapy routines
  • Re-aligning your joints reduces tension in the muslces (which reduces muscle pain).
  • Learn how to properly use a foam roller, and how to release your hips and glutes with a massage ball.

The spinal disc cells require movement to draw oxygen, and nutrients in. Without daily movement, these cells can easily become starved. You can safely move inside the bootcamp.

Here's what's included:

8 Glutes specific low-impact workouts

Recovery routines (on rest days)

Postural therapies, stretch flows and foam rolling tutorials

8 Deep core specific workouts

Mindset and nutrition resources

OH! and this Program Comes With Bonuses...



  • Discover my private morning and evening routines that'll help you achieve any goal you set for yourself.
  • Learn the formula to start and finish anything. If you struggle with starting things and never finishing them, you'll appreciate this training video.


  • Need help to start eating more anti-inflammatory foods? I got you covered! You'll also get amazing handouts to help you start on clean eating.


  • I regularly check the course to see if there's anything I can add or improve. PLUS, I am currently updating the program with brand new videos.

REGULAR PRICE $297 Yours Today for Just $97


Just today I decided to sign up for the Back Pain bootcamp! I feel amazing and can notice the difference. Yesterday I was in so much pain after a week of work and got up this morning, joined the Back Pain Bootcamp and completed a workout!! I am so excited to continue to use this tool to become the person I know I am! Strong, active, healthy and happy. I am so glad I found your blog one day scrolling through Pinterest"

Jessica G.
-Blanca Arteaga

I loved that I found a program designed for people like me

“I joined the bootcamp to keep the inflammation and pain from coming back. The stretches are my favorite part, they helped me improve mobility. I love that I found a program specific for me”

-Blanca Arteaga
Laura Imhoff, Athletic Therapy

Sofia makes proper exercise so easy to integrate. She’s very reputable and passionate in her work. A lot of people are so lost when it comes to injuries. She helps them find the way.

Laura Imhoff, Athletic Therapy Home Turf
Iris Buenconsejo

“Sof, I want to thank you for the enormous change you’ve brought upon since we met!

Sofia helped me ease into my lifestyle without burning myself out from stress & information overload. I wanted to exercise without hurting myself.  She’s got this warm and compassionate glow but she’s also straightforward which is the best part. She’s amazing at what she does. You won’t regret training with her.

Iris Buenconsejo
Marina Valencia

I met Sofia at the gym, where we became good friends.
She taught me how to workout properly, and her nutrition advise always made a huge difference!
She’s such a great coach!

Marina Valencia
The Back Pain Bootcamp is for you if:

You have lower back pain or piriformis syndrome.

You want to strengthen your lower back and core but you're not sure what to do. You're feeling overwhelmed and disorganized.

You want to start exercising (or do something to move your body) but you're so scared to hurt yourself.


The Back Pain Bootcamp is NOT for you if:

You hate exercise and movement, and you're only looking for relief through drugs, and massage therapy.  If you buy this program you'll need to complete some routines for at least 5 minutes/day to get results.


You had surgery and your Doctor has asked you to stay away from exercise for a little while. Please listen to your physician.


REGULAR PRICE $297 Yours Today for Just $97


Meet your coach

Hey, If we haven't met already, I'm Sofia.

I help back pain warriors fix muscle imbalances and get rid of lower back pain. I do this by merging low impact strength training techniques, postural therapies, and mobilization exercises that restore proper movement. I've helped people regain confidence in their bodies, and their ability to heal.

I believe in the body's ability to recover and heal, and also the importance of being part of an empowering community that helps us conquer our fears, and embrace our strengthens to achieve our goals.

I am a certified strength coach, and fitness trainer. I've also suffered from back pain for years. I can confidently say that without exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, I wouldn't be here today doing what I do. Strength training has allowed me to build my mental strength and get my body back after years of suffering. So if you are in that place right now, you're are not alone.

If you are so ready for change, I am ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWill I get access to everything once I join?

    Yes, Once you join you will have access to all existing series, and workouts. All you have to do is login and follow along with the weekly schedule.

  • q-iconWhat format is the program delivered in?

    The routines and series are shared as video content as I coach you through them. The nutrition resources are in PDF format you can download and keep. You can access the program from any device that has an internet connection.

  • q-iconHow long do I have access to the program?

    You have lifetime access! So there is no rush to complete the program in 6 weeks. Take your time with each workout and only move forward when you feel ready.

  • q-iconHow is this program different from other fitness programs?

    Most fitness programs give you an exercise plan with workouts that can be high impacts (jumping, plyos), and are not suitable for people with back pain and piriformis syndrome. We end up either quitting, or not able to finish it due to spasms and pain. I myself had to abandon many fitness programs because they included many high impact exercises (which hurt my hip joints), or lots of machine training (which can weaken your joints, and destroy your posture). The Bootcamp provides short routines to help you get strong, restore mobility and help you reduce back pain.

  • q-iconI am experiencing pain right now. Is it safe for me to start this program?

    Good question. Please know that you should always consult your doctor or physician before engaging in ANY physical program (including the back pain bootcamp). With that being said, This program is specific to back pain, so if you can’t do the super joint-friendly exercises for now, you’ll get access to lots of stretches, postural therapies and core routines that will help you alleviate the pain so you can recover faster.

  • q-iconDo I need equipment to do this program?

    The program is almost fully bodyweight. I use a mat for the most part.  I include the resistance loop band, that I bought for about $10, to increase resistance in some routines, YET they are completely optional. You can totally do without them.

  • q-iconCan I complete this program at home? I don't have a gym membership.

    I created all the bootcamp routiness at home. So the answer is YES! No excuses 😉

  • q-iconDo you offer any refunds or guarantees?

    You also have 30 days to request a refund. Please, make sure you get your physician’s approval before engaged in ANY fitness program (including the back pain bootcamp).