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3 Simple Stretches for Lower back and Sciatica Relief

Streches for lower back and sciatica relief. These stretches will help you relief lower back tension, and piriformis spasms as well #lowerbackpain #piriformisstretch #sciaticastretch

Hi guys!

Today I have for you 3 super simple stretches to help you get quick lower back and sciatica relief. I understand that often times, we just want to get that short-term relief to get through the day, and we don’t want to be wasting our time with stretches that don’t quite work.


As you guys know, I love to keep stretching to a minimum. I believe that if a muscle doesn’t feel tight, it doesn’t need to be stretched. I call this mindful stretching.


There are usually few muscle groups that always feel tight, and it’s usually because we’re sitting all day. You guessed it, the Psoas muscle group (your hip flexors). Before I jump to show you my favorite 3 stretches to get lower back and sciatica relief, I want to quickly share with you a super short video on how to properly release the hip flexors. I see people do it wrong 99% of the time. Not kidding.

How to properly stretch the hip flexors

Please watch this video if you’re always doing this hip flexor stretch. It will seriously make a huge difference in how your hips feel.

Do you feel the difference?

So once you get that right, you’ll be able to work on releasing your hip flexors properly, and as a result get a longer lasting relief. This alone will help you get instant glute pain relief.

3 Stretches for instant lower back, piriformis, and sciatica relief

The reason why I suggest you start with the hip flexor stretch is the fact that most of the time, your hamstrings are not very tight. They do feel tight due to our sedentary lifestyle posture, and glute weakness. So we want to first stretch out the tight muscles, and go ahead and help fix the posture.

  1. The first stretch will help you disengage your shoulders so you can get a nice stretch in your lower back.  Make this a freestyle stretch by stretching one leg at a time, or both at the same time and twisting to get some stretch in your lats as well. You will feel some tightness in your hamstrings here.
  2. The second stretch will help you target the hamstrings and calves. Make sure you’re not rounding your back here at first. You can start leaning forward when you feel ready to, but not right away. Take your time with every stretch.
  3. The last stretch is one of my FAVORITES. It’s more of a postural therapy/stretch. Make sure you point your toes towards you and keep your legs as straight as possible. If you’re having trouble straightening up your leg, squeeze your quads a little bit.

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I seriously these stretches will help you get some lower back and sciatica relief. I believe that movement is medicine, just like food. Don’t be afraid to stretch out, strengthen and move your body every day! Give your body its power back through movement.

If you need more tips to support you in your healing journey, don’t forget to grab your copy of my best piriformis syndrome tips. It’s a free document I created with everything that has helped me get back to my 100%


Check out these super simple stretches that will give you instant lower back, sciatica and piriformis relief. There is a video included to demonstrate each stretch. If you feel the tension in the lower back, you get sciatica pain shooting down the leg. You'll really love these stretches. I also included a short video on how to properly release the hip flexors. #lowerbackpain #piriformisstretch #sciaticastretch

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